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EMKAIMODELAGENCY, a Wales leading modelling agency based Cardiff. The agency was launched back in the first week of Lockdown 4th March 2020. The founder / director Martin Kurina, aged 29 originally from Prague , a singer / dancer and all around creative had an idea of bringing something to Wales , something that isn't just an agency but a community / family and a platform to showcase the best of the DIVERSITY and INCLUSIVITY here in Wales and across UK. 

Fun Fact:

There are just over 35+ different countries within the agency models / team.

The agency EMKAI is pronounced as 'MK' [em-kay] not 'MKAI' [em-kai].

 EMA, has been seen and featured across 20+ different cities in UK , 8 different countries in EU and over 10+ newspaper / online articles including VogueGreece, VanityTeenMagazine, Studio98, Wales Online and Daily Star. The clients and the type of work the agency has had the pleasure to work with has been many from high street fashion, e-com, beauty / skincare, fashion shows, editorial magazines, TV, commercial and so much more!


Since 2020, we’ve worked with a very unique, diverse and inclusive group of talented individuals, connecting them with the best in the business. We dedicate our time, support , guidance and mentorship to all of our aspiring stars, providing them with all the tools, resources, and personalized attention they need to make it to the top. We deliver many sessions on wellness, wellbeing and mindfulness via regular online and in person sessions. Our NO1 focus for our EMKAI team / family isn't just being there for them with modelling work but actually being there for them for anything 'outside model related'. It's SO important to make sure we are here for anything and everything , 'if our models aren't feeling 100%, how can they give our clients 100% right?' .. That's why we have a very supportive and most one-to-one effective mental health 24/7 support  ''Any Time / Any Day'' something the director of EMKAI Martin is major passionate about.

There will be soon a ''GET TO KNOW EMKAI'' a series of videos shared on here and our YouTube Channel with models and our creatives at the agency, you do NOT  want to miss out on this!


We believe , to achieve!

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